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What is Brand Audit?

A brand audit is a process of examining your position in the market, comparing it to your competitors and assessing the effectiveness  of your overall business strategy. If you have a company and you have a brand… chances are you don’t know how well it is doing across the board. A Brand Audit provides a health check, a measurable and implementable action plan. Understand how your customers appreciate and perceive your company and products/services.

8 Benefits of Brand Audit:

Give you insight to how your marketing investments are working

Give you insights into what your clients and customers are thinking of you, and what is affecting their purchasing decisions. This allows you to to fix problems, or identify your top-selling services and products.


Allow you to understand how your staff are feeling – this will help you with staff retention, morale and assist in identifying your loyal brand ambassadors and future leaders in the company.


Allow you to discover if your company values are actually being practised, or if they are just lip service in the boardroom.


Define if your products/services are correctly suited to the market you are selling to – and if you need to reassess your offering, or redefine your target market.


Outputs data to measure brand awareness and possible tweaks you need to make


Improved marketing communication tactics


Insights on your brand positioning, brand architecture, business structure and future developments.

Auditing the position of your company will help you identify your brand strengths and weaknesses. A brand audit is necessary for building a strong brand. Strong brands make more money and are more immune to crisis. People prefer brands they have a positive interaction with to their friends and families. Will perform both internal and external audits which include your employees, your customers, suppliers ,partners and influencers.




Successful branding demands a thoughtful, sequenced approach. 7Index can help you take your brand, from an idea to a valued business asset by addressing key questions. 



From the brand research findings we develop a brand strategy that is in line with your business strategy. The strategy will include the development of a brand positioning, brand promise, brand essence, brand values, brand personality and brand architecture. It also defines key audiences and an understanding of what those audiences need to know about the brand and what they will experience. The brand strategy will craft unique brand experiences that will differentiate the brand and give strategic direction to the design and implementation of the brand



The unique brand identity for your business and its products will be the greatest differentiator, but it is important to realise that design should not only be about pretty pictures, it should include a strategy for unique experiences and effective communication to the customers.

In future if businesses are to excel in the increasingly competitive market place, it is clear that their future lies in the development and implementation of a unique brand identity and unique experiences. This will ensure the development of a unique brand that will generate tangible assets in the future.

During the design phase a unique brand identity and experience will be developed for the brand. The designs will include a combination of visual and physical communication elements identified during the brand strategy phase e.g. brand name, logo, corporate stationery; direct marketing material, media advertisements, promotional material, website, email templates and signage.



This phase consists of getting the brand into the minds of your customers. If you have the look, the ‘feel’ is something you and your organization must create. Apart from communicating the brand through advertising and promotions, it is critical to create a holistic brand experience: the way in which products and services are delivered, your approach to the sales process and style of communication.

We can assist you with the production of brand collateral and co-ordinate the consistent implementation of your brand identity throughout all the aspects of your business. .


There is nothing like a bad time when it comes to auditing and managing your brand to see that it stands out. We can help you voice your brand in designs that are hard to overlook and have it engraved in people's minds for good public perception 


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