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Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Digital Marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Business leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email and other websites to connect with current and prospective customers. Most people spend most of their time on the internet these days, its imperative to tell your marketing stories through Digital Marketing for easy access by your audience.


Have you maybe wondered as to why market trends are evolving from traditional marketing to technology marketing? Well, it’s about becoming technology-driven companies with the capacity to capture and capitalize on a huge audience and constructive data, which will at the end enable you to produce digitally enabled market-leading goods and service. However, I am not disregarding the mere fact that traditional marketing methods still play a vital role in the marketplace but the fundamental aspects remain the same and it’s not as impactful as it used to be years back.

Its main disadvantage is that it reaches out to a semi – targeted audience leaving out a lot of people’s needs unattended. Additionally, digital marketing has proved to be more effective when it comes to reaching your global marketplace and have your company’s Return On Investment (ROI) increase at the end of the day. With that said, we can comprehend that digital marketing stands out as compared to our old way of doing things.

Companies can use digital marketing to engage with their customers in a more personal level using social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn just to name few. That way you are able to identify your customers’ needs and tailor make your products and services in line with that. That on its own will increase customer loyalty, have your customers advocate for you and end up having a pool of people coming to you. You can also be able to track their responses in respect to your services and or/ products and use that to your advantage and improve where needed.

It goes without say that digital marketing is cost effective yet brings you remarkable results which can aid your company to be one of the top dogs in the marketplace. It can also help you to deliver conversion rates, by providing captivating content that resonates well with your audience which will eventually have them convert into leads. In conclusion, try to be open minded about moving into the digital world and get to experience the most phenomenal change in your business. Marketing is no longer the stuff that you make but about stories you tell, narrate them where people are, the internet!

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